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Questions About Security and Encryption

• How secure is my data?
What kind of encryption is used?
Can anybody else access my files?
Where is my data stored?

Q: How secure is my data?
A: Your data will be extremely secure. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer with an Encryption Key that only you have. The data is then encrypted again for its transit over the Internet. Your files are then stored, in encrypted form, on multiple servers in high security facilities. Because of the encryption, even Divinsa personnel cannot access your data.
Q: What kind of encryption is used?

A: The Divinsa software supports a variety of user selectable encryption methods including 448-bit Blowfish, 192-bit 3DES, 128-bit DES, 2048-bit RC5, 128-bit AES, 192-bit AES, 256-bit AES, 160-bit SHA, and 128-bit MD5. By default 128-bit AES is used, which is same as used by Banks and the Federal Reserve Board for financial transactions, but you can select a different encryption method. Each file is encrypted before it leaves your system and then remains encrypted on Divinsa's servers, providing complete privacy for your data.

In addition, the Divinsa software communicates with the Divinsa severs using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology. This is the same encryption technology used by Internet browsers when a user enters a secured site. As a result, your data is encrypted twice. It is encrypted at all times using the encryption method of your choice, and it is encrypted again while it’s being sent over the Internet.

Q: Can anybody else access my files?
A: No. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and is sent to Divinsa's servers, where it remains encrypted. Because only you have your password encryption key, only you can access your files.
A: Your data is stored on state-of-the-art file servers in secure data centers which are geographically dispersed. Our facilities have advanced security measures, backup power, and redundant Internet connections.